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Heat dissipation carbon coating paste

Core technology and characteristics

  • Carbon coating composite material is a type of coating paste with excellent heat radiation properties, where carbon is uniformly sprayed onto an organic binder
  • It may be applied onto heat sinks of electronics or high-efficiency lamps to enhance their heat radiation capacity
  • Due to the high heat-radiation carbon materials used, the paste has excellent heat emission and heat transfer properties
  • Excellent corrosion resistance against water, salt, acid, alkali, etc.

TYPE: two-liquid type (mixture of main and curing agents) / color and gloss: glossy black / curing conditions: let dry at room temperature, then cure at 150℃ for 30 minutes

Item Properties standard
Thermal emissivity 0.8~0.9 Emissivity
Thermal protection characteristics 55 ~ 65℃ 5 ~ 7% LED substrate temperature reduction rate (%)
65 ~ 80℃ 7 ~ 10%
80℃ ~ 10% ~
High-temperature coating stability 100% (5B), No coating abnormality detected 85℃ 250HR
Coating adhesiveness 100% (5B) ASTM D 3359
Total life test Temperature reduction rate of 10% or more 1000HR continuous test
RoHS not detected -
Erosion resistance 100% (5B), No coating abnormality detected음 Salt spray test 150HR, 5% saltwater solution Immersed for 500 hours
Acid resistance 100% (5B), No coating abnormality detected H2SO4 5% Immersed for 168 hours
Alkali resistance 100% (5B), No coating abnormality detected NaOH 5% Immersed for 168 hours
Water resistance & heat resistance 100% (5B), No coating abnormality detected음 95℃ Immersed in water for 200 hours

Product excellence

  • Excellent thermal protection properties (10-15% temperature reduction effect)
  • Excellent adhesion to various metal materials
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Convenient application for parts of various shapes
  • Allows heat sink size and weight reduction


  • Heat sinks for domestic LED lamps and indoor lighting
  • Heat sinks for electronics
  • Heat sinks and converter covers for highly efficient industrial LED lamps (street lamps, security lamps, etc.)
  • Heat sinks for LED fishing lamps (high heat dissipation, corrosion resistance)
Division Existing commercial products Our products
Product image
LED substrate temperature 60 ~ 65℃ 55 ~ 58℃
temperature reduction rate - 8 ~10%
Heat-Sink weight 270 g (at 60℃) 240 g (at 60℃)
weight loss rate - 11% ~

Thermal protection performance

6" 16W LED Downlight (Approximately 10% Temperature Reduction After Coating)

LED substrate surface temperature data
LED substrate surface thermal imaging temperature comparison

Coating adhesion test

Durability evaluation - No coating peeling and grid lines are clean
Applicable to ASTM D3359 grade 5B (clean grid lines)

Test Visual examination X150
room temperature test
High temperature (90℃) test

Reliability evaluation (high-temperature continuous test - HAST Test) - Test condition 85℃ 250hr
Visual inspection result, coating peeling and cracking

Test Visual inspection X150
temperature test

Product development and commercialization

product name Plate Type
LED street light
LED indoor flat light
High brightness Display
BLU panel
LED tunnel light
product image
Heat dissipation performance
Application period
11% temperature drop 2014. 8 ~ mass production 5 ~ 7% temperature drop 2015. 4 ~ Developed product (TEST) 5 ~ 7% temperature drop 2014. 11 ~ mass production 5 ~ 10% temperature drop 2014. 12 ~ Developed product (TEST) 7 ~ 8% temperature drop 2015. 6 ~ mass production
Use Display screen CPU heat sink for home network construction LED street light heat sink LED indoor flat light downlight heat sink High brightness Display Black Light Unit Panel heat sink 25W standard LED Module tunnel light, street light heat sink
Company name LG Electronics Fluortech SCL D&AL KR EMS SCL

RoHStest report

No harmful substance detected

Test report

  • Thermal emissivity test report (Korea Institute of Ceramic Engineering and Technology)
  • Continuous high-temperature test (HAST Test) report (Gumi Electronics and Information Technology Research Institute)
  • Continuous life test (1000 hours) (LED Demonstration Center, Korea Photonics Technology Institute)
  • Adhesion test (Korea Testing & Research Institute)
  • Acid resistance, salt spray test, and alkali resistance test (Korea Testing & Research Institute)