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Artificial graphite

Artificial graphite

  • Artificial graphite is a composite obtained by mixing pitch or petroleum coke as raw materials with a binder such as pitch and tar and graphitizing it at a high temperature (over 3,000℃).
  • It is a block-shaped product obtained by mixing a filler such as coke and a binder such as pitch, then molding, firing, and graphitizing.
  • It has excellent light weight, heat resistance, electrical and thermal conductivity, chemical stability, and high temperature strength, so it is widely used for mechanical parts, electric steel making, electric discharge processing, crucibles for silicon semiconductor manufacturing, heaters, and anode materials for secondary batteries.

Carbolab Artificial Graphite Block Brand

  • As an English word to express artificial graphite, the artificial graphite BLAND NAME of Carbo Lab, which also implies the technical meaning of artificial graphite manufacturing and the artistic meaning of ART

Core technology and characteristics

  • Artificial graphite is an artificial compound of high carbon content made by graphitizing raw materials such as coke and pitch at high temperatures.
  • Our company specializes in the manufacturing technology for isotropic and anisotropic artificial graphites
  • With our technical expertise in all aspects of the manufacturing process, the properties of our artificial graphites can be customized to your preference
  • They may be processed into products of various shapes
Division Density (g/㎤) Resistivity (μΩcm) Bending strength (MPa) Compressive strength (MPa) Hardness (HsD)
CB-AG 1.40 30 30 70 30
CB-AG2 4.65 50 40 85 40

Area of application

Chemical industry

Graphite parts for chemical treatment (anode plates, exchangers, pickling equipment, etc.)

Electronic · electric · mold industry

Electrode for electric discharge machining

Machine parts industry

Graphite for mechanical parts (seals, jigs, joints, etc.)

Iron·steel industry

Graphite for graphite electrodes/furnaces

Nuclear industry

Graphite for reactor moderator and fuel body

Metallurgical industry

Crucibles and trays, molds, parts for electric furnaces

Semiconductor and solar energy industry

Silicon Ingot Melting Furnace Parts

Silicone melting furnace parts

Heating elements, crucibles, bolts and nuts, etc.

Heat treatment field

Molds for crucibles and trays, castings, etc., parts for electric furnaces, etc.

Metal sector

Electrostatic electrode, graphite for mechanical parts (seals, jigs, joints, etc.)

Other industries

Graphite brick, graphite for chemical industry (anode plate, exchanger, pickling device), etc.

Artificial graphite manufacturing PROCESS

Raw material grinding/classification
Raw material grinding/classification
plastic surgery
Anisotropic bulk graphite
isotropic bulk graphite


Graphite Electrode for Electrical Discharge Machining
Anisotropic artificial graphite block
crucibles and trays
graphite bolt
graphite mold
graphite electrode